Saturday, April 11, 2020

Photos of us for National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day! I am hijacking the stage from my show-offy kitties. This day is dedicated primarily to pets still in shelters, but I thought I'd share a very early photo or two of my and the gurrrls shortly after they came to live with me I'm holding Peaches who is quite happy, while Paprika is looking down and out at not being the one being held. She gets her turn soon enough! 
Paprika & Me (ready for take off)
This is the story of their lives..competition for real estate! But also you probably know, both Peaches & Paprika unbelievably lived in 3 shelters before joining me. (but before that in a private home who brought them up very nicely but unbelievably surrendered them when they moved overseas...)  
Peaches exploring while showing off white boots

 You can read more about this national day here!   Have a wonderful Cat-Ur-Day everyone!  

I hope you and your fur-balls stay safe and sound.

Love, Mom Carol