Sunday, April 5, 2020

Cats of the Month - Tigger & Tony - April 2020

Our April  "Cat(s) of the Month" household features  the irresistible fur-balls, Tigger and Tony. They are the star players in the household of Robin Hote Drouin, who lives with her husband in a Missouri town near Kansas City.  

"Cat of the Month" is a new feature, spotlighting  some of Facebook Pages regular friends. Robin, Tigger and Tony often visit us on our page, and we sometimes think of them as our virtual boyfriends!  After all, they have all our colors of orange, black, white, peach and even a stripe or two.  They always have really funny  stories to contribute and they make our human laugh a lot! Now back to our stars.

Robin became a cat lover when she was 18 years old and a stray pregnant cat wandered into her backyard and gave birth to six kittens!  Robin got lucky because her mother let her take care of them!
"That was the start of my crazy passion for cats," she tells us!

TIGGER, the orange comedian who's livened up our page for over 2 years was a surprise gift from Robin's husband.  He'll  be 12 years old on APRIL 5 (Happy Birthday Tigger)!  

According to Robin, he specializes in "knocking things over" and the "creative tilting of lampshades!" In fact Tigger won our "Artistic Cat Award" earlier this year for his creative use of a paper towel. 

Posing for "cheesecake shots" also appears to be one of Tigger's specialties! 

We can certainly empathize with THAT specialty!

Robin loves his cute facial expressions and states that he enjoys holding conversations with her! We bet he has a lot to say!


Tony as Kitten
Tony, Robin's second cat is a specialist of original facial expressions, which he displays in all his photos.  He has a "consultative" look as if he would like to be asked for advice!

Robin fell in love with his photo on a shelter website and immediately went to adopt him!  Her story of that adventure is detailed in her own words at the end of our article.  

Tony's favorite activities are playing with balls, stuffed mice and scratching her husband's guitar.  (We heard a rumor that he plays the guitar secretly at night).  We would also add that another of Tony's favorite activities also appears to be posing for photographs, with a quirky, quizzical  expression on his face.
He had the same expression as a kitten!

How Robin found Tony

Robin tells an endearing story about how she first met Tony!
"After the death of another pet, the Lord started showing me a picture of a cat.  When I saw Tony's picture, that was the cat. I knew the Lord had chosen this cat just for me.  When I got to the shelter and held him for the first time, I cried. He was sick when I got him and I nursed him back to health at home. The minute he came out of his cage, this tiny little thing took complete control of Tigger!"

Before we close the story of Tony and Tigger, we want to show you a few pictures of them in "virtual costume" for they were frequent "stars" in our many slideshows.  Here they are a few photos  we could locate from "the old days!




  1. Such adorable sweeties they are and special too!

  2. Oh my goodness! Everyone is super-cute!

  3. Tigger and Tony are real stars and we appreciate your posting them! Love these two fellows

  4. Cuteness abounds at Tigger & Tony's home!

  5. Thanks for introducing us to Tigger and Tony!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Tony and Tigger are so cute- and such good models.

  7. I LOVED Kansas City, what a welcoming place and really good people! Great to see you two!

  8. Two very special and wonderful guys who seem most adept at dressing up, as well as theraputic consultations, with a paws on aproach in Tigger's case, MOL

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