Saturday, July 18, 2020

Cats Observe Social Distancing on the Beach

Make way humans!  Maybe YOU can't use all the beaches, we can! Hello, Peaches here! Nobody said anything about limiting CATS fun on the beach.  So we got here as soon as we could to reserve our socially distanced spaces!

That's me, Peaches on the left and the dude in the green shades is  my next boyfriend. If I'm nice to him, maybe he'll lend me that cool straw hat!


As you'll notice, Paprika is hanging out at the sidelines...because she is A SCAREDY CAT!  Just check out her  next picture.  She FINALLY decided to venture out on the beach but IS HIDING BEHIND AN UMBRELLA!  What IS 
this?  Coward!  Finally after extreme purr-suasions I coaxed her out further onto  the sand.  As you will see, she is finally taking a sun-bath. Something we cats should be doing 10 hours day! (we we're not sleeping or hunting. As you can see, she's polished off the catnip lemonade and throw her glass of champagne in the sand.


I found I was getting TOO much attention! A gurrrl must have her privacy, too! Here I am , fending off my many admirers.

At long last I got Paprika to play with me.  It wasn't easy.  I had to do all the work.  Here I am guarding a sand castle of my own creation while Paprika does nothing.  But that's how it is around here.

We wish all our friends a beautiful sunny weekend. Remember the beach accommodates a multitude of cats. Its not only water, which is not our favorite thing.  It's sand, sun and a little catnip lemonade,.

 As you can see, Paprika owes her whole fun in the sun day to ME!

-- Cordially, Peaches the cat!

We are joining Athena and Marie's Cat-ur-day hop today.  Enjoy the sun!


  1. Now that's some big litter box girls!

  2. You girls social distance well! Keep it up!!

  3. That must have been a lot of fun. I would have liked to join you.

    1. If your Angel boys Eric and Flynn could make an orange trip to New England to play with us in our "sandbox" that would make our day complete!

  4. Oh! Mummy SO wishes She could go to the beach...