Saturday, March 27, 2021

Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day

Today is a day to celebrate al the quirky country music song titles we can remember and here are some of our favorites.  there is nothing like a good ole walloping country song.  We have listed some additional outrageous titles below.  You can read all about this fun holiday HERE!

Peaches here. Sometimes its necessary to CORRECT my little sis-fur Paprika. Misguided soul.
It should be obvious by now!  I'm the one with "exes"

Paprika here.  No Exes??? My life is certainly filled with longing then!

I know just the right song for this!

Peaches here again. I must put a stop to this.

I've invited poor Paprika to sing a DUET with me. I had to do this to preserve her sanity as she bemoaned her absent love life.

Do you think our duet will save poor paprika from hopeless depression over her absent love life?
YOU decide!

While you're deciding, do YOU have any favorite quirky country and western song favorites?

Joining Athena and Marie today for their Creative Cat-ur-day hop!

PS: We DID post these delightful song pictures aways back, but we cannot find any we like better!


  1. Your duet is wonderful. I must say I would like that poker hand in the second and third pictures!

  2. I like, "Whiskey, if you were a woman", by Highway101. There's lots of quirky country songs.

  3. We love your song Paprika and know that you must have boyfriends by the score, even if not this score MOL. Rumpy is looking for a gal so drop him a line. Peaches do you really have that many broken hearts out there in the cat blogosphere?

    1. We'll (blush) they DO call me "Long Legs Paprika" but I underplay my talents--I'm shy. Peaches has many boyfriends I have to admit. They are lined up! You can have Rumpy contact me.- Paprika the cat.

  4. Oh this is fantastic! How did I not know this is a holiday? My fave has to be You're the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly...

    1. We were looking for YOU today, knowing you love country songs. Next year we country music lovers should get together and celebrate it! O we know that song its so funny...we thought of putting some song titles but refrained for fear of inflaming or offending sensitive hearts...

  5. Just stay way from that Giant Ring of Fire and you'll be OK.

  6. You are too funny! We knew you'd be here singing with us.