Sunday, March 28, 2021

Our Sixth Blogoversary

OMG we are actually having a 6th blogoversary & were so busy we almost missed it. When you read below you'll see why. But it's a great time to look backwards forwards and all around...first of all we would like to express gratitude to all our friends, furry and otherwise for being present in our lives,  hosting blog hops, contests, calendars, and other events too numerous to mention.


Paprika thinks this is HER Muse award
...whereas it is NOT!
  1. OMG...AWARDS: We were honored to win 6 CWA 2019
    Certificates of Excellence 
    Awards (wow) -- 2 for photography - Paprika's "Hug Your Cat" Day and Peaches' "Smell the Roses for June" Day, our Facebook page, our Peaches & Paprika Blog and two videos.   We also won two MUSE awards (yay) - for Cat Bloggers Catriotic Slideshow and our 3rd annual Rainbow Memorial Show.

2. We MOVED ... to the BEACH. Yes our human had the un-mitigated gall to MOVE us all again, after we just moved last year.  She explained to us that last year' move was a "r-e-n-t-a-l" - and this new move is more permanent.  Plus she can walk to the ocean. We objected  but here there are alot of sunny windows here which we didn't have before.  So ... long story short...we forgave her!  

3.  Our human wrote lots of BOOKS  -- about US - naturally -- and somehow got them uploaded to Amazon.  She of course did this BEFORE she moved as afterwards she had no energy! (and no computer for a while)  The first book is about our harrowing historyand how we magically survived 3 shelters and a narrow escape from death row. The others are a seasonal "Celebrations" Series, illustrating how we photographically celebrate the whimsical fun holidays - CAT - and otherwise!

The Spring Celebrations book was just released and Summer Celebrations will be out in May.

We also published an "all in one" book appropriately called "Celebrating All Year Long" - which shows us celebrating non-stop - natch!  "Hug a Cat" Day, 
"Kite Flying Day," "Do-nut Day," and "Cat World Domination Day," are only a few of our 100+ colorful occasions.  Kindle ranked us #1 in three cat categories for a few weeks & at one point we received a #1 new Kindle release ribbon!

4.  THE CWA VIRTUAL AWARDS COMMITTEE:  Mom Carol was part of the committee which put on the online show in summer . Her humble role was to gather photos of all the award winners. And then create a slideshow of them to run during the beginning of the ceremony. It was fun learning more about all the wonderful writers and she met (virtually of course) a lot of nice writers.


Our Facebook following grew from 11,500 to 12, 700 and our loyal friends continue to engage with us on a daily basis.  (We did activate a mailing list!) We somehow kept our readers entertained during the pandemic with lots of new events & slideshows such as "Cats Just Wanna Wear Masks," "Undercover Cats," Os-Kat Awards," Painted Cats, Gurrls Beauty Contest, Boy-cats Cowboy Parade and many more.


We usually enjoy doing a "year in review" but if we've exhausted you reading this far, hey we understand, our cat eyes would be bleary by now.  

but in case you DO want to read our year's highlights, here they are (since last year's 5th Blogoversary)

APRIL:  WE KISSED A GIRAFFE! Well not really since it was April Fool's Day!

The Corona Virus Year came next.  Were we prepared?  Or course!  And we entertained our growing Facebook crowd with lots of slideshows starting with a St. Paddy show AND a "MASKED CAT" Show featuring THEM  entitled "Cats Just Wanna Wear Masks."

And of course, we would NEVER forget EASTER which also came in April.  An Easter bonnet parade was in order don't you think? Here are our happy purr-ti-ci-pants.

In May we published our very first Amazon book, and Mom Carol only had to upload it about 35 times before she got the formatting right.  But finally "the deed was done" and the first book launched!

Later in May we created the 3rd annual "RAINBOW MEMORIAL" hich won our first MUSE award for kitties who crossed the bridge  - honoring both our blogger kitty and Facebook kitty friends.   We were sad to lose so many fur-ball friends this year, however!!!!

We celebrated countless holidays in June, including 
Hug Your Cat Day and

Cat World Domination Day.  We got a lot of good cat hugs which is pretty easy when we flirt with our human. In fact we get more hugs thane want sometimes.

CAT WORLD DOMINATION DAY: I, Paprika started a brand new practice in honor of this day of requesting butler service on the PORCH of whatever house I am living in.  I sustain that practice to this day, disappearing into my cottage and waiting for "room service" by the waiter (Mom Carol-she does a pretty good job but is sometimes delinquent on bussing the dishes afterwards.)

Mom carol started celebrating a holiday we never heard of (Seashell Day) for some reason. We were later to learn the REAL reason!

In July we hosted the Cat Bloggers Catriotic show which also won a MUSE award!
Peaches here. We practiced "Social Distancing" religiously by maintaining a safe distance from each other constantly. This is a picnic for me, but Paprika tries to snuggle up to me way too often.  I'm telling her NO!

In July our human also entertained her Facebook gang by hosting a new parade for boy cats only in honor of "Day of the Cowboy" on the 4 saturday in July. We had a guys beauty contest afterwards!
Winners were "Hard Ridin' Plush, "Brawlin Boots" "Notorious Namaste" and many other suspicious characters were purr-ticipants. 


In August we were suddenly presented with a beach house...even tho it was NOT our birthday any more.  We were delighted until we learned the bitter truth:  Our human was packing to MOVE again.  There were BOXES there. We remembered them from before.  She was trying to distract us.

AUTUMN CELEBRATIONS, the first photo cartoon book in our CELEBRATIONS series was released at the end of August:  right before we moved.

The "Moving" started for real! Furniture and other things we knew and loved disappeared..before our eyes!  I found a hiding place here....but I had acted too hastily and was found! - Peaches the cat

I have some rights here, I thought, so I asked for an explanation.  I was not satisfied with the answer yet.  My owner acted like I should not ask so many questions.

Finally "it" happened and we were stuffed into the dreaded carriers again. When we stopped yowling we found ourselves on something we'd not seen before called "porch." Our human had lived in a condo and then an apartment. Now she'd moved into a "mobile home."  With a porch!  She said that was a "big deal."

We soon found inside delights...a huge white sofa that matched our belly furs. And lots of sunny windows. Not so bad...We'll stay!

Our human recovered by the end of October to host an event for "other cats" (we couldn't stop her) but I insisted on wearing a flamboyant costume of my own so that she would not forget me - her OWN cat. - Peaches.
My Unforgettable costume - Peaches the Cat

Collage of "other" Halloween cats our human insisted on inviting again my objections!


Just when we thought our troubles were over, a terrible upheaval occurred and we were he'ld prisoner 
for days while an evil stranger called "contractor" came to "renovate" a bathroom, cuz our human had inherited a major plumbing problem - an uncooperative bathtub which leaked. "We must do it" she said. And WE were confined to a small den and half bath.   To her credit she kept us company.  We huddled together there for 10 days.

Stanley Steeler arriving to clean up the mess!

Here's where we were  held captive!

Mom Carol, having a spurt of energy, released the second book in our series, WINTER CELEBRATIONS, covering holidays we celebrated in January February & March.

At last the dreaded "renovation" behind her, she could relax, so to speak.  Well only sort of.  First, she had to host a holiday party for her Blogging friends.  After all she wanted to be popular.  Once again, we must point out the "Meowy Catmas" event in question involved "OTHER CATS."  But we had no choice. 
Here they ARE!

SEE anyone you know? World renowned bloggers were featured in the Catmas show!  


We celebrated the new year by painting 30 volunteer kitty fans in various colors from violet to green to orange and had a gigantic wild  musical MEW YEAR'S parade.

The time was right to promote the largest book in our series - a year long photo-cartoon extravaganza of "you know who" acting out fun holidays for the whole year in photo cartoons. We got many wonderful reviews from our Facebook and blogger friends.  For a while we got the Kindle #1 New Release ribbon in one of the cat categories.


We tried something new for Valentines Day - "CATMATCH" matching virtual boyfriends and girlfriends by temperament and "cat hobbies."  

What are your favorite pastimes we asked? What are your talents? 50 fur-ball cat owners rushed to answer!  Here is one example of one of the 25 cat match couples we assembled...and then we had a slideshow!
The newly  paired couples were delighted with their new virtual "mates!"  Something different!

Example of one happy couple: Mudpie & Namaste

It would be fun to do this with the bloggers community next year!


If you've read this far we give you the coveted prize of "most tenacious Sunday reader" and thank you for your attention and time.

We plan to do always "something different" int he coming year and already have a few thoughts brewing on the burners...

We are (natch) joining the Cat On My head's Sunday hop...


  1. Wow such an epic year and conCATs again on your Muse® They are so special.

    I hope the support of your many friends and thousands of FB followers will make sure 2021 is another epic year!

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    The Florida Furkids

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    1. thank you! ...correction...that's all in one year@@@!!!

  8. A very Happy Blogoversary and Thank You for such a nice badge. Honestly we loved every bit of the past year with attention given to each and every part as it was unveiled! We had such fun with you both, Mom too, and we can't wait for more to come! Love you three!

    What an epic year you have had! Wowwzers! I bet you are looking forward to some peace and quiet, but from all the activities, I bet your human will keep you busy! Thanks for all the hops and events! We LIVE them! Have a marvellously happy day and we hope your Mom gives you extra treats today!

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