Friday, March 12, 2021

Happy Girl Scout Day from the Cat World


No one said CATS cannot be girls scouts!  I, for example, am an exemplary scout, always doing things for others like posing for my human's countless photos. That is the good deed of the year!  My sis-fur Paprika, on the other hand, doesn't "get it" at all.  She thinks its all about selling GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!        I will pretend I don't know her!

For scout fans, you can find out little about Girl Scout History here! It originated back in 2012 when the first girl scout troop began with 18 girls.  The Girl Scout motto is "Be Prepared" and its slogan is "Do A Good Turn Daily."

As explained above, I am all about doing Good Turns daily and I am ALWAYS prepared.  

Prepared for WHAT?  Why to chase my sis-fur Paprika, of course!  And to eat breakfast.  

Best served before 6 AM.

-- Peaches the Cat


  1. I think you make the best girl scouts.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. ♥

  2. You two are such cute little Girl Scouts! Do a good turn daily is something the entire world needs to follow, what a wonderful organization.

  3. You know, you girls should join the Cat Scouts.

  4. You ladies are purrfect Girl Scouts! You are also furry cute!