Sunday, December 26, 2021


Help us celebrate the MEW YEAR by purr-ticipating in our special PAINTED CAT MEW YEAR PARADE.

Black cats turn pink, white cats turn blue, anything can. happen in our Mew YEAR's painted cat parade.

Easy instructions:  

1) No preparation necessary - simply send your favorite photo of YOUR cat to Carol. Include name of your cat & blog.

2) WE will do all the work "dress your cat up" and totally change his/her appearance, colors stripes...well you get the picture.

3) Where to send:  1) Cats with Blogs group preferred, in the announcement we post OR email your picture to Carol at MUST have title:  MEW YEAR CAT PARADE

4) In your entry, put NAME of CAT and NAME of YOUR BLOG (Blog addresses will NOT be utilized, too much text)

5) Deadline is Dec 28 or first 30 cats.  1 cat per household only.

If you would like to know what last year's Facebook show looked like so you can decide whether you want to be in it, check out our YouTube link:

We are also running a 2nd show for our Facebook group, as we did last year, so there will be two different shows.


  1. Oh WoW! What a terrific event! Thanks guys! Wishing you nothing but happiness this holiday season! And best wishes for the New Year from all of us.

  2. Wow, that is cool! What a pawesome idea!

  3. Brilliant Idea!! We love filters and colours!

  4. What a neat show ! Bittersweet that it lead off with Timmy Tomcat.

  5. Already sent my cat picture to you. Did you get it?
    Loved last years YouTube painted cats parade