Sunday, February 26, 2023

Celebrating "National Fairy Tail Day" - Little Red Peaching Hood


As you can see, I have quite a tale, er "tail" to tell.  It's National "Tell A Fairy Tale" Day only they should have entitled it correctly, as in my title!  Every cat likes to know their tail I noticed.

Well my story is this:  I was ALL dressed up in my "LITTLE RED PEACHING HOOD" costume to celebrate the day.  I got let out for a change and went exploring in the woods.  Well after a little prowling, I became cold, since it's February and went to warm my TAIL - and white paws (not shown above). 

I found a cozy cabin in the woods. Purr-fect, I thought. I went inside and saw what looked like a kindly old lady cat so I approached.  Oh NO!  This creature was not kindly at all!  And her TEETH...very sharp and pointed.  I knew I had to get out of there.  In fact I think I recognized her.  Check out the picture above if you haven't already....

Oh NOoooo.......that "grandma" probably wants to try out those teeth on me...gotta get out of there....

If you'd like to know more about this national fun holiday, click the Tell A Fairy Tale Day link!

Today we are joining Cat On My Head's Sunday hop!

PS: We are having trouble commenting on some of the blogs lately, esp Wordpress but will do our best! Wishing you a blessed day!