Saturday, June 24, 2023

Cat World Domination Day- How we Rule our Household

 This is the day where the fact we cats RULE THE WORLD is honored.  Of course, we rule the world every day and certainly our household for sure!  We designate mealtimes, places to hang out and much, much more.  

PEACHES THE CAT’S POST:  Why just yesterday, I decided that lying on the desk on top of my human’s papers was the perfect place to rest my beautiful furs.  She was just using the computer, so why shouldn’t I sit on the desk below the computer?  My thought was that my human should be delighted to have my company.  She’s always telling me how gorgeous I am, does she mean it or not?  When she protested she NEEDED those papers to work on the computer, I rolled over on my back, exposing my beautiful white furs (second to none)  and she forgot all abut the stupid computer.  Just another example of how I RULE...

--Peaches the Cat

PAPRIKA THE CAT’S POST:  A good example of how I rule is this:  When my human is at the computer, I jump on the back of her tall chair REGULARLY, and then descend from there to her lap.  It would be boring just to crawl on her lap, any cat can do THAT.  My more dramatic way of arriving through the air should be tried by all cats.  Not only is there an element of SUPRISE, it is hard for my human to remove me from her shoulder during my skilled descent.

-- Paprika the cat

and now we ask:  how do YOU show your humans how you dominate and rule the household?

We are joining Athena the Cat GODDESS for a little creative hop or two.


  1. Anyone who can get The Hubby to scoop pooplogs and peeballs has shown their dominance, kitties! Hahahaha!