Sunday, June 4, 2023

Happy Double Hug--Your-Cat Day


Two for the price of one!  How lucky is our human to have TWO of us to love and hug.  We wanted to do this hug thing all day but, alas she said she had to run errands also.  Still, we got a good part of the morning!

Mom Carol & Paprika

As you’ll notice, we both like to rest our furs on her chin and cheek.  I think we must have learned this somewhere before we knew her when we were just kittens.

Our human surmises we were brought up by very affectionate people and that’s why we’re so loving.  How those initial humans could have loved us so and then deserted us at a kill shelter is beyond our understanding, and our human wonders about that to this day.  We actually lived in 3 different shelters for a YEAR when we were very young, before she found us, scooped us both up and took us home.


But lucky us and lucky human, we all are together now for more than 10 years enjoying these double hugs!

Will YOU find a cat to hug today?

Signed, Peaches and Paprika


  1. Chili Bruce just endured hugging; he purred!
    Manny and Sweetie had their share too, and there is more to come.

  2. Such sweet photos. Your mom is lucky to have you two and you are lucky to have your mom. XO

  3. You are a lovely pair and, I believe, a very fortunate air to have found such a loving Mum to treasure and have so much fun with.

  4. Sweet kitty Hugs! I wish my kitties would hug me!