Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Mom Carol’s Cat Creations

Do I look happy about it here?

 We tried to stop her, but she would have none of it.  Yes, OUR Mom Carol insisted on creating portraits of cats other than ourselves.  We no longer have the control of her we used to and she truly went AWOL this week, with the project.  She even held a contest for red, white and blue cats on Fine Art America.  

She DID finally agree to INCLUDE pictures of us in her Patriotic Collection, but we had to threaten to wake her up daily at 4am for her to agree to this.

But, well...it IS the day before her birthday...I guess we’ll cut her alittle slack. This time.

Here are the “other cats” she created, along with some enhanced pictures of US!

This is Mr. Americat.  Actually, he’s very handsome with those red and blue eyes.  Paprika wants a date with him but I’ve got first dibs! - Peaches the cat

Mr. Americat

Here is “IVAN INDEPENDENCE.”  He DOES cut a fine figure doesn’t he, with that wavy red bow.  He is, however, our SECOND choice as “boyfriend.

Ivan Independence

HOWEVER, There IS some competition. Her. name is “Mrs 4th of July." Look at this stuck up cat with her “over the top” tail.  She thinks she’s hot stuff, with blue eyes and swirly rear end, but we bet she’s never even caught a mouse!

Mrs 4th of July

No sooner did we recover from encountering “Mrs 4th of July,” when another stuck-up female popped up into our line of vision...:”Ms. Red, White and Blue.”  We think she has a long way to go, thinking all she has to do is wear those overly blue heart-shaped glasses.  We bet they cover up a HANG-OVER! 

Ms. Red, White & Blue

Well, there is one cat-dream who came along to make this little exercise totally worthwhile.  His name, Sweet Sandy Ameri-cat, reflects the real gentleman he is,  and look at that cute little beret.  No attitude here! Paprika and I will have to fight over him.

Sweet Sandy Amiri-Cat

Our last (unwelcome) visitor is one we both fear - her name is FIREWORKS FANNIE, and she heralds what we all fear and dread...the boom boom noises and flashing lights which terrify her.  But Our human assures us we will be SAFE even when she’s around.

Last but absolutely not least are some pawe-some pictures of me and Paprika.  Maybe we’re not as “outrageous” as those “other” cats but we can hold our own...and we’re in it for the long haul!

Me, Myself and I...Peaches the Cat

And Paprika can also hold her own.  Look at that beautiful red chair she found to sit on.  She does look alittle dazed though, from all the action...

Last but not least, our human added insult to injury and created a little video of this “other cats.” If you’re not tired of looking at them. yet, there’s always the video! 

Love, Carol, Peaches, Paprika, and all the other Catriotic Cats of Independence Day

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  1. They are all stunning!! Hope ya'll had a pawesome 4th of July :)

    Matilda & Mama