Sunday, March 31, 2024

Easter Celebrations and Guest Artist

 We agreed with our human that WE would be the starring characters on her Easter Post.  This was not easy since she is easily distracted and sometimes observes (and even CREATES) other cats.  Can you BELIEVE it?  But we got her to keep it down to a minimum today.  Here is an idyllic shot of us resting up for Easter, posted earlier in the week.


I, Paprika, was tempted by a mouthwatering purple basket.  I could not resist.  However, Peaches thought it was a TRAP so I didn’t stay long...

But it turned out to be a TRICK!  Peaches just wanted the purple basket for herself.

Our Human, tiring of our basket ins and outs, turned her attention to “other cats” - again! And made THIS little fantasy picture!

We thought they would be CHICKENS.  What do we do NOW?

Then she created a SLIDESHOW of our Facebook friends.  Of course we DID star in the show.  If you’d like to watch an abbreviated version, here it is (pardon the low resolution)

One last Easter thing she did:  she fell in love with a fellow artists artwork of a whole BOX of  Easter eggs from guessed it...KITTENS emerged! there no end to people’s imagination..It’s called “A Sweet Surprise” - by colleague Andy Gambino. His online link is right below the picture.

We think it’s time to guessed it, a NAP...until the excitement’s over...


We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday hop today. Happy Easter to all!


  1. OMC the artwork of the kittens in the eggs is spectacular. We're sorry we didn't enter a photo in the slideshow. Mom is a slacker lately. Happy Easter!

  2. Great art. I love the box of kitten chocolates. Happy Easter! XO

  3. Doesn't AI to amazing fuzzy cats! They look so colourful (and we agree about the basket!)

  4. OMC I love kittens hatching out of eggs!!! Hope you're having a purrfect Easter!!!

  5. Those hatching kittens are adorable! Happy Easter.

  6. WAY LATE! We apologize. But to think that we have been searching for good boxes when a BASKET would have been purrfect!