Monday, March 11, 2024

Who Won the OS-CAT awards?

Well it wasn’t us! Would you believe Mom Carol disqualified us because of previous winnings and opened up the contest to OTHER CATS?  Mouses!!! This is the 4th annual Os-CAT awards but it does make  for an exciting evening where CATS - not only humans - can PURR-ticipate!  (even tho it wasn’t us...we DID give the awards)

The prize was for BEST CATTITUDE...though special prizes were awarded which will be explained.

There were 37 Cats who entered

15 Finalists (selected by Mom Carol

Four CATTITUDE winners (selected by Peaches and Paprika’s Facebook group friends 

and 5 “special prizes awarded”  for “cat with most creative pose,”  “best dressed cat,” “most covetous cat,” “Best synchronicity” and “most outrageous cat.”


Note: The outrageous cat award featured a dramatic shot of Tony the Cat sitting atop a BIRD cage with all FANGS showing!  Mi Cod!

All in all it was an EXCITING contest for the cats involved...not for US...cuz all we got to do was watch.  Fair? NOT fair?

                THE “HOW COULD YOU?” LOOK

We ended the evening with that “special look” straight at our human.  She knows what it means.  But she promises to make up for her lapse of attention in the coming week by posting EXTRA ST CATRICKS DAY pictures...of US!

Due to the occasion, we’re joining Cat On My Head’s Sunday special Hop and Cat Blogosphere too!