Saturday, March 16, 2024

St Catrick Guest Cat Creative Winners

Good morning, Peaches the cat here!  This week our human hosted a St. Catrick’s (okay, St. Patrick’s) contest for “MOST CREATIVE ST PATRICKS CAT.”  There was some heavy competition & three talented winners were chosen. (You guessed it, we were “polite” and sat out the competition.  Just sayin...)

Anyway, we’re proud to present the talented artists and photographers who were 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for our Creative Caturday Hop!  We also included the link to their picture on the Fine Art America site in case you want to investigate them further!

1.  LUCKY KITTEN - by Shoal Hollingsworth

Shoal Hollingworth is a professional photographer living in California.  He shoots an amazing variety of topics and has a wonderful collection of pets – not only cats but dogs, fish, horses and even a rooster.  He writes “I absolutely love being behind the camera and will take on any photography challenge.”

2.  HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY KITTEN - by Zenya Zenyaris

Zenya is an illustrator and artist,  also from California. With a diverse portfolio including digital art and other forms of art.  She has a special collection of holiday prints, including this cute St Patricks day kitten with a pensive expression  and green St Patricks hat surrounded in Clover.

3.  ST PATS CATS - by Andy Gambino

Andy Gambino, our third winner is from London, England. Formerly he worked at the Royal Opera House Covenant Garden in the costume department & eventually took up architectural and portrait photography.  He now creates primarily in digital art. His imaginative  abilities certainly show in the whimsical portraits of a cat trio & miniature kitten watching a St Patrick’s event

You might well wonder where were WE when all this voting was going on?  Well, we had an important job.  We helped Mom Carol keep all the voters in line.  And of course we had final veto power over the finalists.  We felt alittle left out...but we had our job to do!  

We love watching the other cats on Fine Art America because our Human learns so much from studying all the different kinds of art.  She actually curates a creative cats group, of which these talented artist were members.  Sometimes she’s in such a good mood she gives us extra TREATS!

Signing off for now and we will reappear tomorrow with our OWN St Catrick’s Day greeting!

Love, Peaches & Paprika

PS:  Mom Carol has her own FineArtAmerica site.  It is:

Joining Athena & Marie’s Creative Caturday Hop and Cat on My Head’s Sunday Hop.

 Happy St Catrick’s to all and may the road rise up to meet you in your travels!

Love, Peaches & Paprika


  1. Excellent Thank you Peaches & Paprika and Carol of course for hosting the competitions and for all of your hard work posting on social media sites including Youtube Best Regards Andy G x

  2. These are all lovely. Happy St. CATrick's Day!

  3. Isn't AI making a difference to cat art. They look so good.

  4. Anything with cats and green seems right for St Pattie's Day!