Sunday, April 5, 2015

Relaxing After Easter

The day after: We are relaxing after that stressful "Easter Photo shoot" we were so unfairly corralled into doing. I, Paprika, like to let off steam by jumping on top of doors and trying to reach the ceiling! One day I will succeed in walking along the frame. My lazy sister, Peaches, on the other hand, just lies on her back, trying to look pretty. One can't always get by on looks, Peaches! Try a little door climbing wouldn't hurt you to shed a few pounds and get in shape!


  1. Such great pics of you Paprika, what an adventurer you are! And Peaches what a wonderful toesies and tummy shot...we don't blame you for coping in your own style after the Easter shoot...Happy Easter!

    1. Thank u for appreciating our individual styles. Paprika is still "sleeping it off" from her morning adventures so I am replying for her! Signed, Peaches the Cat

  2. I love how you both handle stress your own way! Hope you've had a wonderful Easter :)