Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Art of Flirtation - by Peaches the Cat

My most popular position!
Hi, Peaches here! I am delighted to show off my my charms without my sister Paprika cramping my style. I'm a consummate flirter and could give lessons on "how to attract humans." 
Lying on my back is one of my most successful positions. 

Not always that easy
One must do it properly! For one thing, if you've got good  toe-pads this is the time to show them off. Also, you should turn your head to look at the camera, not just stare  at the ceiling. This is calling "engaging with the photographer." Also one must  try new positions from time to time so as not to bore one's fans. See, it's complex!  But don't you think I do a great job?

Getting there...

THERE!  My new upside-down position

So what do you think?


  1. Oh my cod, Peaches! You really know how to work the camera!

  2. Nice to meet you ! Thank you for visiting us ! Your upside-down position makes us think of our Angel Loupi ! Purrs

  3. Your upside down look is very cute. I like to sleep on my back like your favourite position too.