Friday, April 24, 2015

Paprika scales yet another Bookcase

Acrobatic Paprika likes nothing better than to scale the heights of the highest shelf...with the ultimate goal of reaching the ceiling one day...she is almost there!
Here I am on top of the living room

For a short video skit  to music click on link below:
Peaches and Paprika Channel
It's a loooong way down...but I don't care

For those in a hurry here are a few pictures of "the event" to give you an idea.... 
My sister Peaches...such a coward!
I hope I didn't do anything wrong.,,

What shall we do for an encore?


  1. Wow, Paprika! You sure are high up. Was coming down as easy as going up??

  2. Have watched this twice - Mum is hoping that Lucy won't try anything as big as that bookcase. Have watched it on You Tube - you're brilliant Paprika.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Cute music choice :) Paprika is quite the jumper.

  4. You can see everything from up there! You must be a tree dweller :)

  5. You are one brave kitty, Paprika!!! Truffles is a coward like Peaches :)

  6. Paprika you are way way WAY up there!