Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our North Pole Reindeer Dance

We were given (well "lent" really) a super "reindeer" fleece blanket with the words "North Pole Reindeer Dance."  So with a little help from our friend, "CATNIP" we were encouraged to "go through our paces." 

I think we did a great job, don't you?  (Our human, Carol DID add a touch of a strange process called photoshop"

Here are some photos leading UP to the "cartoon" above

Great Fleece Blanket we got, Right?

I don't think it's, um, free, Peaches...we gotta dance for 
our dinner here

Best way to start..."the vertical climb"

I've got it now!  Ta-Dum!  I'm a dancing' with the Reindeeer!

Peaches:  Being a prideful cat, I must also try to dance!

This is the best I can do!  I'm not as agile as HER...

Paprika:  Not good enough! I've got the best one yet up my sleeve!

Peaches:  My personality is so superlative, No further
dance is necessary for ME!

Paprika:  Incorrect!  I OWN the North Pole now!

and I's time to REST!

ZZZZ..We've worked hard enough to day to reward our
human for this blanket!!!



  1. We hope your Christmas was totally purrfect!

  2. Oh goodness, that is a great blanket with you two doing your act. Great picture.

  3. What great colours!! Love the art .... and the dance! xx

  4. What a gweat blanket. and y'all sure have da moves. Looks like a gweat place fur a nap. Have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


    Since evrykitty was wishing evry otherkitty "Meowy Chrissymouse" yesserday, we decided to wait fer today. Hope you had a good one!

  6. Those are great photos! You both look so cute on the blanket ( you always look cute though). I hope you got lots of treats for all that work you had to do. I have a feeling you will see that blanket in some of our photos ( wink, wink).

  7. bwahahaha!! Pawsome purrfurromance guys! Just pawsome. APAWS!!!

  8. Pawsome dance, we love the photos ! Purrs