Monday, December 14, 2015

CatLadyBox Review

Last Day to Order for Christmas is today! Peaches & Paprika hasten to review the "pure fun" CatLadyBox from which makes a wonderful gift for the Cat lover in your life.   You can still order it for delivery by Christmas if you do it today,12/14/15.Imagine though the entertainment of getting a box each month chock full of delicious, elegant and entertaining items for cat lover and cat! Dorian, the owner, selects each item with great attention and dedication to feline detail.  Subscriptions cost $34.99, and there's an extra "Crazy CatLadyBox which includes gifts for your kitty for a few dollars extra. We are a little late in posting this review because the box arrived just before our Florida trip, but we all tore into it with gusto upon our return. First: "The Box". Right away Peaches took it upon herself to open and peer inside the box  finding a tantalizing array of items.  The exciting box "entrees" included a cute catnip drumstick for our kitties (it was spirited away almost immediately. Also "Cloud 9" kitty treats in a wonderful cat-shaped purple container(we received the salmon flavor), and yummy, yummy, a CAT WATCH - now that cat watch is an amazingly elegant piece of jewelry - we couldn't believe our eyes when we opened the box and saw a little 'cat watch' peering out at us.  And it worked!  As you can see Peaches is VERY intrigued by this working watch. The watch has ears!

There was also a cat key chain which we decided to use for our spare set of keys to give our cat sitter watching our beloved kitties on our upcoming trip to Florida.  One of the box's "hits" with Peaches and Paprika (although it was SUPPOSED to be for ME) was the  Cats Are MY BAG" Tote bag. 
I was looking forward to using it...that is before it got cat hairs all over it, due to Paprika's EXTREME interest!  

(It was hopeless to retrieve the bag once Paprika had "taken it over...!" (see above)

To summarize the items in November's CatladyBox, they were: 

1) Leopard Cat Watch from Triple-T-Studios
2)   "Cats are My Bag tote Bag from Xenotees (my cats stole it from me so I couldn't use it)
3)  Cloud 9 Treats Salmon Flavor from Cloud 9 for Cats
4)  Delicious Catnip Drumstick from House Cat Club
5)  Cute Cat Keychain from The Empurrium

CatladyBox packs their monthly boxes with a different theme and selection each month.  Can't think of anything more fun than to get this box regularly.  And Peaches and Paprika agree, even if they showed "over the top" interest for items meant for ME!

Remember December 14 is the last Christmas ordering day, but the package of course is available for cat lovers year round.  And Dorian who is CEO of this new company hand selects each item with love and care!


I received this product from in exchange for my fair and honest review--which is that we loved the box! No money exchanged hands.  CatLadyBox is not responsible for the contents of this review.


  1. That looked to be a great bag of goodies - we hope you both enjoy them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Lots of fun stuff! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey kitties

  3. The mom got to try a CatLady box and loved everything in it. We loved the box. :)

  4. FABULOUS - Oh I wish we lived in the USA I just KNOW we would love one of these every month!!

  5. Wow, that's a lot of cool stuff ! We wish those boxes were available in Switzerland ! Purrs

  6. That is a great box of goodies for you and your mum.

  7. Looks like Santa came early for all of you. Great review.

  8. TBT says he has already order out non-santa gifts, but he is making a list fer upcoming Gotcha days in January.

  9. That is some nice bunch of goodies! We know Dorian and we're super proud of her, she has a winner going!