Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Back from the Vets!

Well we are back from our annual vet visit and even though the vet and her staff were very nice to us, we cannot recommend it as a "fun" experience, such as bird-watching or climbing on doors.  

Here we are, in our carriers, wondering what the next 5 minutes will bring!

Dr Battison is checking out my tummy while her compassionate assistant Kelsey holds me tight. As you can see I'm cooperating fully! - Paprika

Next, I, Peaches,got an eye exam as part of our annual!

I have lovely eyes. I did great, as always!  I was given an "A"!
 I didn't do quite as well on the tooth exam and only got a B-. I was told: dental rinse...or else!

My human was carefully instructed on the art of giving me a "dental rinse."  We'll just see about THAT!

Then came another part of the exam...

Hey I wasn't counting on THIS, folks!

Last but not least....our nail clippings.  We didn't enjoy this unnecessary  routine all and had NO FUN! Do we LOOK like we're having fun???? Lookit Paprika she's making a half hearted attempt to escape. Lots of luck with that, Paprika!

AT last!  We are home again and can stretch and um, "relax" in our normal positions!
The red velour sofa is my style!

Paprika prefers her"long cat" pose on a calico cot in the den!



  1. Bet y'all are happy dat's over wif!

  2. I am glad your vet visit went well. I know going to the vet is scary.

  3. Well, you do have better PYUs and friendlier-looking vets than WE do!

    1. We just caught them in a "friendly moment, " LOL. Rare, most certainly, LOL!

  4. Whew, that's over with! And it looks like you girls did so great! Now, happy snoozing! You certainly deserve a rest.

  5. We bet you are both relieved to get home - take a nap and try to look as though you have been ill treated to get extra treats.

  6. Those vet visits just are not any fun at all. But glad it all came out all right. Doesn't sound like there were any problems.

  7. Whew we understand you're glad that over with!!! Glad every thing is great.

  8. You all did furry goods... me would has slapped sumbody... purrz from Katie Kitty Too.