Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Katzenminze Giveaway from Bionic Basil

We are Katzenminze Winners!

Do you know what "KATZENMINZE" means?  Well we found out today! Because we're the fortunate recipient of Bionic Basil's last month's Giveaway containing goodies of the most delectable nature imaginable. Note: there's also a slideshow about us and the goodies which you can watch HERE!

 The yummies, at least many of them, are from 4 Cats Company in Germany, so in the process we learned some really cool new words:

Katzenminze = Catnip
Knuffelkissen = Hug Pillow
Krakentantacles = Octopus Tentacles

We just love that German words turn phrases into one word. But anyway we want to share some of our yummy "experiences," with you, and just a reminder (hint, hint) you can watch the slideshow HERE!


The goodies included a leopard kick toy AND a leopard small pouch (presumably with Katzenminze in it! A hello knuffelkussen (yellow mouse with red eyes, a red & green bird "hug pillow") and more. For the human, Catwisdom101's Black Cats book, cat purse, cat stickers AND a pink leopard scarf.

Peaches comments:

Well of course I LOVE leopard so i leaped upon the kick-leopard despite paprika's objections.

What does she  know?

THEN I found this adorable leopard hug-pillow & I hugged it & hugged it so much that I and it fell off the bureau! So embarrassing!  Paprika claims she played with everything correctly.  Stuck up!
Paprika playing "correctly" with leopard pillow

The Red and Green Knuffelkussen

There was also a Red & Green BIRD and I thought at first it was, you know...but it smelled heavenly so it didn't matter!


And then the strangest thing of all emerged.  It was PINK!  KRAKENTENTACLES!  Never heard of it!  But Paprika knew all about it. I was not to see the Krakententacles (Octupus tentacles) again!


PAPRIKA:    Just what I wanted! Octopus tentacles. They are an enticing pink rubber and I couldn't resist.  I sniffed, was enraptured, grabbed, pulled, and Peaches was not to see the tentacles again. I HID them!  (Confession:  there was a yellow mouse with red eyes that I also hid. You'll notice it was NOT in the picture.)

The Pink Leopard Scarf (Peaches' Report)

Okay so I knew the scarf was intended for the human. But what's hers is mine, right? How could she possibly look half as ravishing in that scarf as I do?  So I tried it on and and found that as I suspected, it is purrfect for me.  Sorry, human. 

And at the end of the day

If you're wondering how things were at the end our play session, we wish to supply you with proof (note glazed looks and paws up postures)
Peaches: Note the crazed look in my eyes
Paprika: Blissed out completely
 And now I'm off to take a nap! Pawleez do not disturb while I'm enjoying the pink leopard scarf!
-- signed, Peaches the cat.

Thanks again to Bionic Basil and 4 Cats Company for these goodies and if you'd like to see the rest of the pix,  pawleez check out our special slideshow HERE!

We are joining  Brian's THANKFUL THURSDAY hop cuz, dang, we're really thankful today! And tomorrow....the Friday blog hop of Bionic Basil.


  1. You do look great in the scarf. Congrats on winning those goodies. XO

  2. Lucky you ! That's really cool stuff ! Concatulations on winning those goodies ! Purrs

  3. Dang, that is an incredible bunch of goodies! We love Basil and we were thrilled to meet the Basil Mum at BlogPaws last year, she is way cool. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. OMC! What a fantastic prize! You girls are gonna have so much fun.

  5. Oh Peaches, that pink is your color! Cat Vogue will be wanting you for their next cover fur sure! Paprika, that pillow matches your furrs! That Basil sure knows how to pick good giveaway gifts! Hugs! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

    1. We meant to reply here but put it in the comments. We know Valentine is hankering for that pink scarf!

  6. Mudpie got some of those toys for Christmas! She adores them too :)

  7. You can't fool US, Valentine! We know you want that scarf cuz it's pink and matches your name. Nothing doing! But we thank you for your compliment. Paprika thanks you for including her!

  8. Peaches and Paprika it looks like you both had a fantastic time. And we don't think there is a "correct" way to play with toys. As long as you are enjoying them that is the right way.

  9. OH WOW!!!! OMC!!!!! Mew ladies looked like mew had the best day effur!! MOL

    So glad mew loved the goodies, and we loved your post so much, EPICALLY EPIC!

    We're off the watch your pawesome slideshow as we know that will be amazing.

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  10. U is the BEST, BB! Thanx again for the goodies, we are loving' them. I'm not given' up that scarf! - Peaches the Cat