Monday, March 5, 2018

Interviews with Os-Kat winners Peaches & Paprika

It's all signed, sealed and delivered! Peaches and Paprika are grand winners 

Peaches Os-Cat:
Drama Queen Award

Paprika OS-Cat
 Dramatic Acrobatic Award


Peaches: the coveted "DRAMA QUEEN AWARD"
InterviewerPeaches, when did you first realize you might be a Drama Queen one day?
Peaches the cat: When I was a tiny kitten, people kept stopping my my box & saying "How Adorable" and ignoring all my litter mates.  I knew THEN!

Interviewer:  What are  the advantages of being a "Drama Queen?"
Peaches the Cat:  HEH! I can get anything I want by "posing" & revealing my white tummy and other charms. That's worth aLOT!


Interviewer:  Paprika, how did you decide to combine drama with acrobatics & when did you get started?

Paprika:  When I was a tiny kitten & my sisfur PEACHES chased me, I had to make a dramatic jump so she could not reach me! I ended up on top of a door!

Interviewer:  What are the advantages of being a dramatic acrobat?

Paprika:  Numerous!  Most importantly, I can escape Peaches, the Drama Queen whenever I want, hee hee.   And I can be pretty dramatic myself on top of doors. 

Interviewer:  Do you ever have trouble getting down from those high places?

Paprika:  Well...that's another story.  

Interviewer:  Thank you girls, for answering all the questions we were wanting to know and Con-catulations again on your awards!

*Frames courtesy of Imikimi!