Friday, March 9, 2018

Big St. Patrick's Day Preparation

We love looking all dressed up! But Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day is NOT something we look forward to.  Here is how our dress-up event took place in the past!  We were resting peacefully in beautiful baskets when...

We tried to give our opinion!

Did no good, though!

If I go to sleep no one will bother me...

But THEN...

Well, it's all to the good...we THINK! Maybe! This is one of our favorite holidays. And yours too, we hope?

Note: This experience was originally described in March 2016 but we think it's timeless!


  1. Very cute photos. You ladies look lovely in green. XO

  2. They're virtual hats, girls...the best kind.

  3. So cute!! Mama did not get us hats buts I has heard her say sumfin about scarves.. Oh brudder ;)

    Matt & Matilda