Saturday, March 7, 2020

Green Peaches - Cat-Ur-Day Art

Green Peaches!  With a certain holiday approaching, I took a notion to "green-ify" myself.  Due to those spik-ey furs on my back, my human said I look little evil!  But it's HER fault!  When she comes in out of the cold and pets me, my furs rise straight up! Static Cling, they say.  I should tell her to stay away from me till she warms up. But she cannot resist me when I come to greet her at the door....At least today she gave me an orange bow tie to wear so I could look respectable. Does YOUR kitty ever get those furry spikes????

We are joining Athena & Marie for their Cat-ur-day Art hop today! (PS: we used the green-if-y filter from...painnt or lunatic.


  1. That is a good effect, Peaches.
    Poor Flynn's fur used to crackle sometimes when I stroked him!

  2. I think you look a bit like the Grinch. MOL! Just meowin'.

  3. Excellent image...could be a great jigsaw puzzle...just sayin'...

  4. Peaches you are simply the cutest Green cat we have ever seen. Getting ready for the day and so are we