Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Leaping for Leap Year - by Paprika Long Legs

There no better way to celebrate leap year than to LEAP!  There are many ways to handle jumping and leaping.  One must PLAN the leap, for example and carefully plan the logistics and spatial arrangements. (Is there a place for ME on that bureau/door/bookcase/kitchen cabinet?) Then one must execute it!  Once completed and one is I'n the coveted "high place," there's the joy of looking smug and gloating and you may want try going every higher!

And of course what goes up must come down.  Sometimes its  easier to ascend than descend.  One must identify a landing place. There may be obstacles. One must plan carefully.  I hope you weill enjoy this very short video which chronicles our LEAPING JOURNEYS AND ACHIEVEMENTS!

Signed, Paprika Long Legs

1 comment:

  1. You are both excellent leapers and champions at it!
    Flynn was a good leaper too, but Eric was more of a scrabbler.