Friday, August 7, 2020

International Beer Day

Since we cats love beer and beach, the best way to celebrate is the just immerse oneself, don't you agree?    Besides,  International Beer Day  honors our human's last name which is LowBEER so we were kind of co-erced into it.  Although we must tell you we are probably the only cats who celebrate it. We only hope our human can help us crawl out of these mugs when the holiday is over!

We are also participating in 15 and Meowing's and Four Legged Fur-balls - questions answered by Peaches.

1. One word to describe our week is lunatic & lightless.  Isias visited us and we cats had to live IN THE DARK!  (we could see our dinners though)  Our human bought one of those headband-flashlight things & we did NOT like it!  She looked like a creature from outer space.

2. Our biggest success has been helping our human finish the cover for her 2nd book this week. 

3. Not to brag, but we had a special way of notifying our human when the lights came back on at 4AM.  It was a scary momentt indeed, going from complete darkness to electrifying lights & sounds in the middle of the night. We were terrified  We let her know about this immediately by pouncing on the bed and then the nightstands and Paprika got way up on a chest and pounced on the bed from there so our human would be sure and wake up.  Unfortunately she was NOT PLEASED with us.  And threw us out of the bedroom. (We got back in later though)

4. For us "No surprises",is the meaning of life.  Enough of this Lights on Lights off surprise stuff.  Obviously our human doesn't appreciate our "notifications" and we DON'T like change.  Isias should know that and not visit here again.

Respectfully submitted, Peaches the cat


  1. Your story about the power returning reminded me of a friend, who's little daughter turned on faucets when their power was out...but didn't turn them back off again. When the power returned...while the family was staying elsewhere...the water gushed and they had damage from the flood! OOPS!

  2. Pawsome Fill-ins!! We were lucky enough to get by with very little wind when that dumb named storm came by.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. You kitties do the very best fill-ins. I hope the lights stay on.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. Not beer for you though. Not good for kitties. ♥

  4. I am glad you could still see you dinners when the lights went out!

  5. This is our dad-guy's favorite day of the year!

  6. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I am glad you got your power back- you got yours sooner than we did. XO

  7. I should have known this beer thing. There are so many pics of me sitting on beer cases. MOL! I was sleeping and it's dark beneath my eye lids so I was unaware. Great way to wake your peep. She shouldn't have been so rude.

  8. Happy International Beer Day and I'm glad your power is back! Good fill-in answers too, we feel the same way about storms and power outages!