Sunday, August 30, 2020

We move to the beach! But are surrounded by boxes...

Announcement:  Mom Carol (with us) is moving near the beach!  She is very happy about it.  She bought a little blue mobile home in a 55+ affordable community just a block away from the water at the Connecticut shore.  Happy!  We?  Less so!  Hmmmph.  Moving AGAIN?  As a bribe, she has offered us two beach houses of our own to make up for the disruption.

But is that enough?

We saw something I have a dim memory of from not long ago and it was NOT a good memory!

I  have always believed in being open and forthright about my opinions. - Peaches

I, Paprika, am trying to put a Positive spin on things.  unlike grouchy Peaches.

But even I, "Paws-i-tive Paprika" questioned the quantity of b-o-x-e-s.

I decided to nestle in places I don't normally frequent -- like the BACK of the sofa on the floor -- so the humans do not forget I, Peaches, am here too!

 I could pretend to be cooperative which I often do.  But not today!

Meanwhile, I, Paprika, have big decisions to make today.
We are joining Cat on My Head today for our beloved Sunday hop.


  1. Sounds a fun thing to do. I hope she likes it (and you too!)

    Take care.

  2. Ooooh! Well done you. I am sure all that sun sea and sand will be very inspiring for the staff. PLUS think of all the seafood she'll be able to catch for you both and brring home! Fresh crabs to play with too ;)
    PS I'd take the two beech houses and request a Cadilac to cruise the sea front shops in also MOL

  3. We'd love to be close to all that sand!

  4. We think it should be fun to see the sand and Mom will have a wonderful time. Boxes are a plus too ladies

  5. Concats on the new digs, and you two kitties will feel at home again in seconds, if you haven't already forgotten your old place.

  6. Wow, it sounds wonderful! Except for the boxes of course.

  7. That sounds like a wonderful place to live!

  8. Girls, you're gonna love your new beach house!

  9. You poor kitties just had to move recently- you need to revolt. XO

  10. Best wishes on the M werd thing! We cant bring ourselfs ta paw it...

  11. OMC that sounds so excited💗Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

  12. We just moved to the beach too in Flory-Da, however it was so traumatizing for our Meowmy, that she has yet to recover to blog about it. Stay tuned!