Saturday, February 17, 2018

Paprika's cleansing Day

 Toe Day!

Each & every toe, I say! If there's anything I'm really good at, it's being limber enough to reach every remote part of my furred self! Apparently Peaches (who, between us, is a bit, um, overweight), has trouble appreciating this talent. I'm ignoring her - Paprika the cat

Peaches' Comments:

I've decided to disassociate myself with Paprika. She just does too many weird things like that back toe cleaning. Show off!

"The Birds" and My Displeasure

The highlight of this weekend has been bird-watching. But there were some big black things called "crows" hanging around...they were, um scary.  As you can see, I was very displeased with this experience. As a cat, I am entitled to be displeased, right?  - Peaches the cat

Bird-watching is not always this great experience you hear about!

It came to our attention that a certain human kept staring at us and pointing a flashy box at us.  Aren't we entitled to a little Down Time?

BTW, our human used Lunapic for today's Caturday Art effort - mostly the Escher effect. Just for a restful B & W change! You like?

We're joining Athena and Marie for Caturday Art today and look forward to visiting our furrriends!


  1. Don't worry the bird won't get you. Very nice art. XO

  2. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!! You make me laugh!
    I LOVE watching burds and I sing to them! They are furry rude back!

  3. Excellent pictures, Peaches and Paprika <3 Need any help on the birdie? Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday :) <3

  4. There are some scary birds out there, ladies! Love your artwork :)

  5. Yep, we like! Paprika, we think you missed a toe. ;)

  6. We has hawks here - talk bout big birds!

  7. Your art reminds us of the funny pages.

  8. Love the art! Works really well. Also love your new header!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie