Sunday, April 14, 2019

My Selfie for International Plant Day - Paprika

Hello, Paprika here! For my selfie today, I want to celebrate International Plant Day which was yesterday.  Real plants, artificial plants, we both  adore them ALL!  My human won't even keep real ones around for that reason.

Let me share with you a little plant story of Peaches and mine:  whenever we want our human's attention BAD, like when she's attending to something other than US, we approach the nearest artificial plant and pretend to take a bite out of it.  She falls for it every time.  In this picture I am NOT taking a bite of anything.  But my human thinks I look guilty.  What is YOUR opinion?  


  1. Never taste a plant that your Bein doesnt offer you... Well, OK, grass...

  2. That is darn cute but no tasting please!

  3. Naughty girls! But a good strategy - MOL! You look lovely today Paprika.

  4. Hmmm.....good idea. We don't even have fake plants here :(
    The Florida Furkids

  5. Paprika that is a super idea to get attention that you and Peaches do
    Thanks for coming to Tobys Birthday. Hope you had a really good time because we enjoyed you coming
    Timmy and Family

  6. We think if she doesn’t catch you in the act, you are innocent, Paprika!

  7. You are lucky, Paprika, Mom doesn't even keep faux plants in the house, 'cause she says I'll eat those, too. I guess she did bring a nip plant in a couple of weeks ago that she bought from the greenhouse, but I don't care for nip of the leafy kind. I like it when its dry and flakey. Tee hee hee. Winks.

  8. MOL!! You two are the cheekiest cat ever!

    Happy Sunday.

  9. I have to say I bet that is something I might try if we had any. Thankfully the palace is devoid so I just chew on the outdoor kind, MOL.
    Stay safe and chew only that which comes out of a treat packet! ;)