Wednesday, April 24, 2019

My wild Wednesday - by Peaches the cat

I was NOT pleased at being ignored.
Today I tried a new prank.  I thought it was very funny but my human did NOT. 
YOU be the judge.

Now Paprika & I were trained NEVER to use our claws on the humans. 

I DO use them when kneading bread on my human's shoulder so I THOUGHT she would have a sense of humor and go along with my little joke.

I had to take matters into my own paws

So here's what I did:  my human was IGNORING me and doing something called "work" at my computer.  I meowed but she did not answer me.  I could not tolerate such disrespect so I played a little prank on her.

I went back out to the living room. Then, to GET HER ATTENTION I RACED back to her home office, LEAPED upon my cat condo next to her desk and stuck only ONE tiny claw into her forearm.  Chuckcle chuckle.  NO HARDER than when I knead bread on her.  A PINprick.  But She thought it was funny... NOT!

 She had not expected my little claw maneuver,  and gave me H____.  With a murderous look in her eye she yelled loudly, chased me out of the office and SLAMMED THE DOOR!  
Life is never fair

Obviously she can't take a joke. To show my disapproval for the whole situation I went to the very opposite side of the condo wanting nothing more to do with her and her "office."  I have my pride.

We did make up later, as we always do.  What choice does a cat have, she's in charge of the cat food.  But seriously, don't you think  my little "doesn't hurt a bit" one-claw attack was funny?

-- signed, Peaches the cat


  1. Love is pain, what more is there to say - MOL! Glad you both made up, stuff happens, but love conquers all. Wow, what a bunch of cheesy quotes I'm spouting today!

  2. You idea of a joke and her idea of a joke are two different things. That's pretty clear. At least you made up.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. You poor kitty. I get several scratches a day from mine.

  4. OMC! Your human needs to get a sense of humor. ;)

  5. We are sorry you and Mom had a disagreement, Our huMom gets upset sometimes when we stick a claw in her too. But sometimes we are upset cause she doesn't pay attention to what we need right now ! So we guess there are two sides...

  6. Just one claw? Not a big deal!

    I've actually never used my claws on any human. But Crockett and Angelique are different stories.

  7. Peaches our hoomans overreact to a little claw and Dad is always telling Rumpy and Einstein to "Stop with the claws already." Funny as Buddy Budd is the one who gets a single claw stuck in him from time to time. Age does give its privileges I suppose. Glad you made up which is the best pawt