Saturday, April 6, 2019

National Siamese Cat Day Parade

Happy National Siamese Cat Day to all!  This is the day we celebrate these elegant cats. also known as “Meezers! ” on our Face book page Siamese Cat Celebration. If you have a Siamese Goddess-feline, You are invited to post a photo of YOUR Siamese in the comments on our page. If we have 10 or more there's be a Siamese Parade!  Here's the address:

Meanwhile, we would like to introduce FANG, our human's past kitty who at one time was the love of her life.  

We hate to think she had another love except US, but we have to accept that our human has "a past."  A long time ago, our human lived in NYC in the Village & that's where Fang lived too. FANG's Dad was pure a Siamese, his mom a tabby.   He had a large family: Chang, Ching, Sin, Ming, Ling, Cling. Fang was VERY clever! His favorite "hiding trick" was to curl up on a plate in the kitchen cupboard and close the cupboard door after him! We opened the cupboard door to set the table for dinner and...aaaaargh!

PS: Fang sometimes looked very fierce if our human paid attention to her other cats when she got home.  He was very loving but also very intense!


  1. Fang is beautiful ! We can see both the Siamese part and the tabby marking. Purrs

  2. I just love those pics! I love Siamese, never been privileged enough to live with one, but you never know what the future will bring!

  3. What a beautiful kitty!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. We love that photo of Fang and know she was a grand feline fur sure
    Timmy and Family

  5. I love meezers! If I weren't so tortie obsessed they would be my favorite kitties.

  6. Fang was a cutie. I would like a meezer someday, but cats keep showing up when I have an opening so I keep them instead of going to a shelter to find one.

  7. Fang was very pretty. Thanks for introducing us to her.