Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Happy Meowy-Gras 2020

Happy Meowy-gras to my many fur-riends from yours truly, Turquoise Peaches.  As I advised my human, I am always up for the opportunity to entertain, though I was little fearful of this new color, "turquoise."  My human told me it was very becoming, though, and bribed me with some rindstone jewelry to wear with it. I am to be addressed as "Queen" just for today. Still, you can see, the rather disapproving, may even scowling look on my face. I'm still getting used to this "Turquoise" stuff!
I don't know how, but I truly lucked out here! Usually Peaches gets these "Ruler of the Night" gigs, because of her stuck-up regal attitude, but I convinced my human to let me take the reins for this one occasion.  For tonite only, I rule! Pay no attention to any other cats. Look into my amber eyes...Respectfully submitted, Paprika the cat

Happy Meowy-gras to all our furrriends!