Friday, February 7, 2020

Little Red Peaching Hood - Honoring Wear Red Day

I've always longed to be Red Riding Hood, even though I have to put up with being called "Peaching Hood..."  It's all good.  I am celebrating Wear Red Day which honors heart health and is the first Friday in February and you can read all about it and honor it by clicking the link.

Meanwhile, I innocently played may rightful role as Little Red Peaching Hood, only to learn that there is a WOLF in this story with big teeth  I meandered through the woods, basket in hand and entered a little cottage...well you can see what happened!  You never know what kind wolf  you will find....Cod knows what will become of me now!!!!
--Peaches the Cat

Note: Our human decided our story is artsy enough to join Athena and Marie for their Cat-urday hop!  Our human created my costume herself with photoshop.  She refused to tell me how Paprika ended up being the Big Bad Wolf. Woe is Me, Paprika's really sharp teeth. This is a Cat-lamity.


  1. Well done and such fun.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. It looks like Paprika Wolf has big claws too!

  3. Oh, I like that, you two made me giggle before my first cup of coffee was consumed - not an easy thing to do!

    1. Paprika must be curtailed next time. You see what happens if you don't watch her.

  4. Paprika looks mild, but she has Verrrry big claws. And TEETH!