Sunday, February 23, 2020

Paprika's Sunday Selfie in Meow-garitaville

Good morning, Paprika here.  For my ultimate selfie, I pushed my greedy sis-fur, Peaches, out of our MEOW-GARITA dual photo yesterday, because I am WAY cooler than she.  I know such an act may be illegal, but it give me a Sunday Self-ie beyond reproach.  As you can see I am STILL celebrating MEOW-Garita Day. This will continue all weekend!  And by the way my a-PAW-logies for my human mis-spelling Meow-garita in my photo. I took the photo myself but she put in the writing.

We are joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday Hop today!!!


  1. Slurp! Those meowgaritas have something don't they?! MOL!

  2. Love those shades! Apology accepted, now pass one of those drinks and I'll set to work catching up on the drinks I missed, MOL

  3. Paprika, you look to be celebrating Mardi Gras in style!

  4. MOL You DO look as though you are having a PAWsome time!!

  5. We really enjoy seeing you enjoying that Meowgarita Paprika. Is Peaches alright with it or are you two going to have a kitty konversation? Hee Hee