Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Oskat Awards Contest- Cat With Most Cattitude

You've heard of the Oscar Awards (tonight) but do you know about the OSKAT awards? 

It's true! Tonight a cat with the MOST CATTITUDE will be chosen on our Facebook page!  Contest Announcement below.  

A second winner, Most Acrobatic Cat will be chosen, too. 

We, Peaches & Paprika feel WE always should be the win-nahs, but our human is insisting to choose OTHER CATS! 

If YOU would like to enter your cat, apply on Oskat Announcement today on our Facebook Page before 3pm  with your most outrageous photo!

Today's Announcement:

Previous year's Win-nahs:

And sometimes WE get to to win, which is as it should be!

Who will the Winnah be toNITE?

We're hopping today with The Cat On May Head's Sunday hop.


  1. Good luck to all the nominees at the award ceremony, and do take it easy on the nip wine – nothing worse than going up to get an award and slipping over, MOL

  2. What fun. Allie just entered!!

    The Florida Furkids

    1. Allie is in the special "acrobatic" division. You're sure to win a prize there cuz there were only two brave cats who entered that category and Allie was one of them.

  3. Best of luck you two beautiful kitties, I'm sure you'll sweep the Oskats!

  4. First I've heard of The!

  5. That sounds more fun that the Oscars :)

  6. Oh my this is as much fun as the Oscars (without the pawful glitter MOL!!)

  7. No doubt about it, you two are always winners!

  8. This sounds just so wonderful. We love that Peaches won the drama award and Paprika has some really great balancing skills. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals