Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Box Assembly

Thought you might be interested in our delectable experience of ASSEMBLING THE BOX.

Well of course first of all it arrived!

What do you think, Peaches?

Here's how it looked when inside the box. Of course we investigated right away!

Looks intriguing...
Love that pinkish ball
 on the door

I'm going IN!

Why does SHE always have to go in first?

I  LIKE  it!

Except ME!

I won't letl ANYONE ELSE N!

It's MINE now (I think)

But it won't be easy to maintain control...oh rival sister approaches

-- ### --

Suddenly snow magically appears on the scene and things come to a head....


  1. That is a lovely house. You will have to make a rota for it.

  2. Amarula would love her own abode where she can get away from her obnoxious brothers Frodo and Zulu!

  3. What a cute house! We hope you don't get snowed in. ;)

  4. Uh-OH! I hope Santa gives you another so you don't have to go to court :)

  5. HAH! I know a good real estate lawyer if you girls need it.