Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cat Bloggers Slideshow Reminder

Come one come all: Please join us for the Holiday Slideshow.  Deadline is December 15. 

We so ask you to include the following info (some find it easiest to copy and paste this onto their email.

Picture or Link to Picture on your Blog
Your Blog Name
Blog Web address
Name of your cat (s )
Your Name & email address

Help us make this a "star-studded" kitty show by including YOUR kitty! 


  1. We just sent ours! We can't wait to see the final slide show.

  2. Hi! This should be fun! Can you just take the images from our blog we had up today? We are not going to have our card ready till past the deadline.

    1. Hi Meezers, looking but your blog isn't coming up when I hit the link. Please send me your graphic if you have one: Also need your name and kitties name. Thanks.

    2. Oh, dear..that happened because I wrote that to you from my work. So sorry about that.

      I will send you them but will have to go on the assumption that they are too late.
      I have been so busy I have not even looked/commented on blogs this past week...not even my own!
      I just sent you an email...

  3. We sent ours! Thanks fur the headsup on FB - Katie Kitty Too

  4. Hiya Peaches and Paprika, we just sent mew ours, thanks so much fur asking us! Purrs Basil & Co xox

  5. We can hardly wait to see all the star-studded kitties!

  6. Darn, I haven't done our graphic yet but did blog about your lovely Santa Paws gift.

  7. We can't wait!!! You are so kind to do this!!