Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our Secret Paws Bonanza from Lola the Rescued Cat

Our Celebration

Hello everyone...
We got REALLY lucky this year with a scrumptious bonanza of catty gifts which could not have been more thoughtfully selected by Lola the Rescued Cat. Here are a few highlights.  More details and unfettered illustrations of how we went about enjoying the goodies check out our our Secret Paws post. I reminded my sister Paprika that I, Peaches, got to be the first "into" the box. 

It's in HERE, I just KNOW it!
However I have a lot to thank Paprika for because SHE found the catnip package first! Both of us, though, blessed out on the FAT CAT appeateasers, before we ever got to that little white package of catnip!

Once we finished blessing out on the Appeateasers it was time for a serious event...unwrapping the heavenly smelling white package!

But first, Paprika insisted on stealing Carol's "cat scarf" which Dawn had especially packed for her!

 Carol was told by Paprika she could not enjoy that beautiful scarf just yet

Two satisfied cats could be found afterwards....

Paprika after nipping the nip

Check out our our Secret Paws post for even more detail!

Love too Lola The Rescued Cat and her thoughtful human Dawn for our bonanza afternoon!