Sunday, March 24, 2019

Our 4th Blogoversary

Good morning, Peaches here! Holy Cat is it really that time again?   As alpha cat in the household, it's my job to make all announcement and instigate all celebrations.

Believe it or not, this is Carol's 4th Blogoversary  We can understand why she wants to write about US! What confuses us is if OTHER cats get involved.  More on that as we go along.

Several milestones this year!

1) Carol had a blog makeover by talented artistic Debbie of Glogirly Design. Those cute pink circles around us, surrounded by actual peaches & paprika pix didn't happen by accident! 

2) Carol's photo-art of me & Paprika for National Button Day won a finalist place in the Cat Writers Association contest. Boy were we happy! She's going to be hard to live with now!  She never would have been a finalist for anything if not for us! We'll point out the photo later.

3) Carol started working on her first book about...guess who?  She's hoping some of our Facebook readers who say they love us so much will be interested. She is starting to read up on a world totally new to her! 
4) We got more popular on Facebook, and our LIKES went to over 10,000.  It sounds good but is a mixed blessing.

5) Our blog got less traffic than last year despite our prancing around in cute costumes but our human says she is working on some new approaches. We'll see!

Carol wants to thank everyone who contributed to our blogging  world by hosting blog hops, putting together books, Christmas Lists and other's definitely a group effort!  She was going to put together a list of names but since she is a total cluts she will probably leave out someone so pawleez consider it a group hug!

2018 - 2019 Retrospective:

We like to do a retrospective each blogoversary of the past year's photo highlights so here goes!

March 2019 photos

SPRING FORWARD TIME - Our human tried to disturb our beauty rest on this day, claiming our clock was wrong. Clock, Shmock! I told Paprika: "ignore her."

We also hosted a really cool MEOWY GRAS Parade of our Facebook readers for Mardi Gras. Everyone was all excited about it.  This is one of the occasions where we feel the slideshow should have been all about us. But she insisted on involving other felines.

April 2018

An extremely important holiday took place in April:  my namesake, PEACH COBBLER DAY! You can see why this was a "MUST CELEBRATE!"

Hot on the heels of Peach Cobbler Day, came NATIONAL HAIRSTYLISTS DAY. Paprika and I had a great time playing dress up!

May, 2018

In May we came back to earth abruptly because it was CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM DAY! I tried to instruct Paprika on etiquette for this activity but she was impervious to suggestions.

National Wine Day
As you can see, I have no inhibitions about enjoying myself!

2nd Annual Memorial Honoring

For the second time, we honored kitties belonging to our Facebook and blogger friends groups. 

June 2018

Imagine our surprise during HOT AIR BALLOON DAY when we found ourselves suddenly in the air!

And for FATHER'S DAY, we honored the many KITTY DADS of our friends. there were more than we thought!

July 2018

Summer is filled with exciting opportunities. To celebrate BARBERSHIP QUARTET  day, our human recruited Bionic Basil from the Bionic Basil blog & one kitten friend of her own.

Creative Cat Event

We also celebrated BODY PAINTING DAY by "painting" many cat friends and having an unbelievable slideshow!

August 2018
Lots of great summer holidays came along like this one.  It was not easy to teach Paprika about marshmallows, though....

We continued to celebrate Tummy Tuesdays throughout the year!

September 2018

 Our Rosh Hashanah celebration was met with great enthusiasm.

Paprika's Dental Surgery

In September my sister Paprika had a couple teeth pulled. The big  news is, she was given her own TENT afterwards to rest in. And I, her big sister was not permitted to enter.  The nerve!

October 2018

An important holiday awaits us in October!

Our 2018 Halloween event
We also hosted a Black & Orange Cat Spooktacular for our Facebook friends and interested bloggers.

November 2018

National Button Day
This was one of our Uber cute pictures.  It's the one that placed in the FINALS of the CWA contest.  Don't we look like sweet little innocents?  We're not that innocent!

For a brand new excursion, we tried out Cyber Monday, hearing about free catnip...we think it was a "come on" though as we couldn't get into the computer to get the catnip out...

December 2018

December was a fun month for all cats!

SECRET PAWS...YUM!  both packing & receiving provided incredible thurrillls!

At long last Christmas Eve arrived and we crawled into our stockings...I was a bit worried 

We then made a slideshow of all the other Bloggers' Cards (those who volunteered) was enjoyed by all!

January 2019

January brought snow, birds and National Squirrel Day!

Another January holiday we could not resist was Bubble Bath Day!  Paprika took it little too seriously ...but that's how she is!.

February 2019

In February we lost friend Wally of the Island Cats blog and a great loss to our blogging community it was indeed.

What a sweet month is February indeed, otherwise. A time to show love!

What? Another wine holiday?

If you've been patient enough to read this far we want to compliment you on being he most patient reader in the world.  Would you like some PINOT MEOW to celebrate with us?  Maybe some Cabernet Claw?  

Most Patient Reader Award

Thank you again to all for all the camaraderie, support, blogger hops, events, and I hope we hope to keep blogging a long long time!


  1. Well I have to say, when you line it all up like that you girls, and the team have been so incredibly busy. There was me thinking writing a book and a blog once a week was hard work!
    Anyways, we want to wish you all a Happy Blogoversary, and many many more to come!
    Toodle pips and Anniversary Purrs

    1. Thank u so much Erin! I apologize for not visiting your blog more, WordPress for some reason won't let us in. Could be cuz we're calicos? Anyway we appreciate your visit and kind words so much!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Carol and Happy Blogoversary sweeties, that was a fun look back!

    1. Thank U Brian! We all want to thank you for your fun visits during the year!

  3. Many, many congratulations Carol ... and also to Peaches & Paprika. Few blogs have changed as creatively and imaginatively as yours over the years ... it is truly amazing how much you have done and we applaud you in every way. Keep up the great work. It's all beautiful. As you are!

    1. Thank U so much Ms. Ann! What a wonderful compliment. Thank you again!! Your words are so appreciated!

  4. Happy Blogoversary, Carol, Peaches and Paprika!
    Congratulations on a very successful year and I hope you have many more.
    (I have sent an email)

  5. ♪♪Happy Blogoversary to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Blogoversary to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Blogoversary Dear Peaches & Paprika,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Blogoversary to you.♪♪

    1. We love a fine song and sometimes must learn to make the beautiful notes you do!!!

  6. Happy 4th Blogoversary! I love this blog, it is such a fun place - and of course, I love those beautiful kitties.

  7. I would luv taste of the Cabernet Claw. Thanks fur offering. Tee hee hee. [holding up the glass] Cheers to your Fourth Blogoversary! Your blog is something special. Mom and I are always smiling over the amazing photo collages you put together and how knowledgeable about all the well known and not so known special days on the catlendar! CONCATS, too, for your CWA award. Your button photo collage is star quality as are you! I can't believe I missed Happy Toast Your Marshmallow Day! Purr purr purr. -Valentine (& Kerry) of Noir Kitty Mews

    1. You are so sweet to write all those nice things! They mean a lot!

  8. Happy 4th blogversary to you. I'm not a morning person either. Nice seeing all the flashbacks.

  9. Happy 4th Blogoversary, and concatulations on your CWA Award ! Purrs

  10. Happy Blogoversary! Congrats on getting so many FB followers, we only have about 800. XO

  11. Happy Blogoversary! What a fun retrospective! And thank you so much for mentioning our sweet Wally.

  12. Happy Blogoversary - and many more !


    What an epically epic post, we loved your year in review, Brilliant!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & The B Team xox

  14. Wow we are so happy we checked back in our email to see what we may have missed. We love you ladies and your Mom and look furward to all the fun posts you do. We think you have one of the most consistently fun blogs that we know of! Looking forward to a great year of blogging you three!
    Timmy and Family

    1. Would you believe I'm just now seeing this! I don't get notified of comments any more, so have token checking back. This is the greatest Compliment EVER! I going to copy it and keep it forever! We love being a fun blog!